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RAPIDŽ 105 &106
Electric Stapler

ISP's RapidŽ 105 and 106 Electric Staplers are compact, portable, lightweight, automatically operated electric staplers designed for light duty work with paper, thin boxboard, and lightweight packaging materials.

The 105 model is used exclusively for flat, table applications. The 106 model can handle both flat or saddle applications.

These units operate with a throat depth of up to 4 inches. And, these units staple up to 40 sheets of 20 lb. paper using an automatic work trip or by actuating a foot pedal.

Because the 105 and 106 models are narrow, up to 4 like units can be mounted alongside one another and can be interconnected with cables for a series of multiple applications. Through the use of the work trip or a foot pedal, actuation is simultaneous.

Standard Features
  • Automatic work trip or foot pedal actuated stapling
  • Front loading of staples for ease and convenience
  • When sight shield is raised, unit will not operate
  • When set up in a side-to-side series, connections by opto cables make it possible for all staplers to actuate simultaneously
  • Foot pedal is easy to connect, requiring only a plug-in contact
  • Double triggers are individually adjustable
  • Adjustable stapling power and adjustable stapling depth up to 100mm
STAPLE Specifications
  • ISP Stitching's #66 Standard Staples - 1/4" Leg Length (6mm), Sheet Capacity: 2-20 sheets
  • ISP Stitching's #66 Standard Staples - 5/16" Leg Length (8mm), Sheet Capacity: 20-40 sheets,5000 staples per box
  • Please contact ISP Stitching & Bindery Products' Customer Service Department at 1-800-345-6641 for more information.
Electric Stapler
ISP Stitching & Bindery Products introduces the model 5080 stapler which utilizes a 5,000 staple cassette. Every time you replace the staple cassette, you automatically replace the driver blade and staple former blade for durable, trouble free stapling of up to 80 sheets.
Model 5080 Features
  • Stapling performance - staples up to 80 sheets 5,000 times per cassette
  • Service life - low life cycle cost (worn parts automatically replaced with every fresh cassette)
  • Flexible - adjustable stapling depth and precise stapling of up to 80 sheets
  • Functional - precision stapling due to flat clinch (flat, neat corners)
  • User friendly - easy to understand instructions and simple loading. Reload indicator light shows well before staples run out. GREEN=Ready for use; RED=Replace cassette (only 19 or fewer staples left
  • Working environment - quiet operation, low vibration
5080 STAPLE Specifications
  • Single Cartridge - part number 492-5080, Sheet Capacity: 2-80 sheets
  • 3 pack Cartridge - part number 492-5083, Sheet Capacity: 2-80 sheets
  • Please contact ISP Stitching & Bindery Products' Customer Service Department at 1-800-345-6641 for more information.

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